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Positive Thoughts

Set backs in training can create frustration and heartache. Injuries happen even when things are going famously. How one adjusts when setbacks happen determine how one will survive as a runner and a mentally strong individual.

Staying positive even when the uncertainty of an injured limb makes your near future a rebuilding period. To get knocked down once and to rebuild is once is one thing. To get knocked down repeatedly and to get back up again and again and again is what makes those who dare to be great just that. Whether it is business, sport or even one’s general health. Do you have the fight to succeed when adversity strikes?

The medicine may be a tough pill to swallow, but if the reward is simply living life to the fullest isn’t it worth the struggle  to get there?


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One thought on “Positive Thoughts

  1. Proud of you. Enjoyed reading blogs. Articulate and passionate about what you do and how you write about it.

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