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Chicago 2002

After a failed attempt in my first marathon to qualify for Boston, I was more determined than ever to succeed in my next marathon. Coming so close (6 1/2 minutes off the qualifying standard for a 35 plus year old of 3:15) I knew I could accomplish my goal with steady training and wise dietary choices.

Iowa winters can be treacherous both in temp and icy conditions. I trained with a minimum 10 mile long run from the end of the first marathon to the next. I had failed in my mind and I wasn’t about to take my foot off the gas until my goal was reached.

In 2001 my top long in training was 20 miles. I hit the wall at 23 miles in the marathon and didn’t want to do that again, so in worked up to 24 miles in training 4 weeks out with a 22, 2o and 15 taper. In 2002 in never felt a noticable wall and finished in 3:11:24 knocking 10 minutes off my 2001 time.

Back then in my late thirties I didn’t have much time for crosstraining. Now in my mid forties I see the need to have more balance in my training. Oh the things you can get away with when you are young. It was fun going guts out and giving it all you have in training and in races. Maybe I would have done it differently, maybe hit the bike once a week, but I would never have taken it half ass, not then, not now.


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