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After 2 months of injury free running, I tweaked my left knee this last week and my long run was cut short today due to the injury. This the same knee I had the medial meniscus scoped after a tear back in 1991. Running had been an activity that didn’t seem to bother the knee over the years and I was surprised when I  hyper extended it on a flat surface running straight forward. It seemed fine with no pain after the event.

I had a track workout on Wednesday that went off without a hitch. Friday, I ran twice once in the morning for 40 minutes and again in the evening for 40. The second workout ended with the knee tweaking with a short sharp pain and then 5 steps later it shifted into the inside. I took yesterday off from running. I put a knee sleeve on for today’s scheduled 20 miler and gave it a shot. Everything felt great for 6 miles and then the sharp pain came back. It hit me 4 times, none of which were are bad as Friday, but I cut the run off at 10 miles.

My plan for this week is to hit the stationary bike and not run as many miles. This is a similar problem I had shortly before my 4th Chicago Marathon and the bike helped alleviate stress. I was able to finish the marathon without any occurrences of the knee pain.

I am now 50/50 on whether I will run my scheduled marathon. I haven’t given up complete hope, but at 44 I want to run with more confidence than my knee is providing at this time.


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