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The home stretch is here. 32 days and three 20 milers over the next 3 Sundays. Confidence will be gained. These long runs are key for me and I am looking forward to having my most successful training leading into the marathon. In years past, bad patches and/or missed long runs have put some questions marks in my thinking going into my marathons. This time around I have had 2 great months of training overall. I have stayed healthy and have competed all scheduled workouts. If I have 3 strong long runs, I believe I will have another sub 3:30 marathon and qualify for the 2012 Boston Marathon (to qualify for 2011 I would have to go sub 3:20).

Positive thinking will get me there. Hard work always leads to strength of mind and body. I will be riding both to success.


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2 thoughts on “20,22,20

  1. good luck I am starting a bunch of blogs about marathons this month and have several posts about my experiences. I know when I ran my 3:17 reading advice things helped because it was only my second marathon (fit the wall in my first) I learned little things here and there but put everything together and it helped me achieve my goal of qualifying for Boston and almost making the mens qualifying standard (under 35 age). Visit my web site at or my blog at

    • Thanks Pam, I checked out your blog and I will be following it from now on. Great information.

      I hit the wall in my first marathon as well and finished in 3:21. The next year came back better informed (ran up to 24 miles in training) and got my best time of 3:11 in 2002.

      Thanks again.

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