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18 Miler

The heat and humidity were up from last week causing more fluid loss on my long run this morning. The first 10 miles were fine at 8:30 pace. The last 8 were a blow up and an extreme effort to complete.

I did the first 10 on an out and back. Refueled on gatorade and a GU pack then headed back out, but the fuel didn’t sit right so I walked for a while during the 11th mile. I was able to recover for a 4 mile out and back. More Gatorade and water then back out for the last 4 miles. More walking, but I was able to run for 80% of time and finish strong on the last 1/2 mile. Mentally I went back and forth whether to deem this run a success. I do feel that race day should be cooler and the aid stations closer together than what I experience in training. I will put this training run on the plus side for that reason as it was a less that ideal day for PR type performance.


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