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5K Return

My first race as an adult was a 5K. 5K’s are usually what gets old runners back into the sport of running. 5K’s are also great for beginners. For those who had sprinter’s speed once in their lives, the 5K feels somewhat fast. It is a good way to bridge the gap between speed events and endurance events like the 1/2 marathon and above.

It has been 2 years since my last 5K. I have run longer distances in the interim, which I prefer.  7 milers and 1/2 marathons are my favorites. 5K’s just don’t seem like much. Training 40, 50 miles a week for a marathon and a 5K comes along and it isn’t even a full workout.

On a 5K day, I try to run at least a 3 miles before the race and 3 miles after to get a decent workout in. The only exception is when I have a long run scheduled for the next day. In that case I will still do the 3 mile warm up and forego the after miles.

So tomorrow I have a 5K in my neighboring town of Lisbon, Ia. It is a well organized race. The course has a few rolling hills, but is not too taxing. I ran my personal record of 18:00 there several years ago. I do not expect to come anywhere close to that tomorrow. This race will be to test my will and desire to run through the pain. I have 46 days to my marathon. Can I run guts out for 3.1? If I can answer that question with a yes tomorrow, then guts out for 26.2 won’t be out of the question come late Sept.


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