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16 miles (part 1)

Today I ran 16 miles and tried something different. To employ a truck driver’s term, I ran through the house. Instead of my usual run out Sutliff road for the entire distance I broke my run into two 8 milers. This allowed me to hit more water fountains. I also stopped at the house for 1/2 a banana and some gatorade. The weather was mild with a slight breeze. All of these factors made for a more pleasant transition up to the 16 mile distance.

I debated on going flat for this run as most of my long runs are over several hills. In order to do so I would have had to drive 20-30 minutes to get to a suitable flat area. I passed on driving for this week and will save the flat course for next week’s 16.

Next Saturday is a 5k in Lisbon, Ia, which also has a kid’s 1 mile fun run. My 3 oldest kids have all said they want to participate. It should be a good family day. I will try to keep my overall miles down this week to save some energy for both the race and the 2nd 16 mile run of my marathon schedule. The key will be maintaining the intensity of the workouts while covering fewer overall miles.


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