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Training on the road

If work or vacation takes you on the road will you be able to find a place to run?

Google Earth may be the best invention ever for a runner. While planning my most recent vacation I Google Earthed a few locations that proved to be worthy both in distance and scenery.

It is also vital to ask the hotel front desk personal what areas to avoid for heavy traffic and possible criminal activity. It is always better safe than sorry in unfamiliar surroundings.

One location I found by accident on the road in Muskegon, Michigan proved to be the silver lining on a dark cloud day. My truck had broken down and the tow truck driver took me to a hotel in a run down area of town. It was Labor Day 2002. The hotel restaurant was closed. Papa Johns delivered the wrong pizza and my truck wasn’t going to be fixed until Tuesday afternoon. I needed to get in a 20 mile run and the hotel clerk had said the evening before not to be out after dark. That night I had run on the trial around a small bay. I could see some bluffs up ahead after running about 5 miles. I knew if if continued on beyond those bluffs I would not make it back before dark, so I turned back.

The next morning, I took off for those bluffs. As I ran through the trees all of a sudden the sky opened up bluer than I had ever seen. I was now running on a beach on Lake Michigan. I had no idea I was 7 miles from a Great Lake since the hotel was not a planned stop. Sometimes you just never know where a run will take you. Technology can take you to some amazing places, but trial by error can yield even more enjoyable experiences.


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