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It is simply not enough to go out and run with your tunes in your ears and try to block out the pain. If you truly want to set a high goal and gun for it, you must own the pain in training. Push yourself on every other run if you are running everyday. To run a sub 3:20 marathon or what ever your Boston Marathon Qualifying time would be, you need feel the pain in training. There are no if-ocks and-ocks or but-ocks about it.

When I was in my mid thirties I could run races in pain the whole way. Somewhere along the line the Ipod came out and the desire to run guts out went away. Now I have taken on 4 training partners and the Ipod has stayed home. We are able to push each other and that feeling of running through the pain is coming back. I still run 3 times a week alone to push myself mentally and physically without the boost of outside assistance.

With the revived desire, a Boston Qualifying time is only a spring 2011 marathon away.


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One thought on “Guts

  1. I couldn’t agree more! I ran Boston this past year and I paid the price and sold out on every run possible. Even when I didn’t feel like training or doing that LONG RUN I knew I was going to dread I did it anyway because knew it would be the only way to try and reach the goal! The moral to the story, if I can do it anyone can do it by selling out and believing in yourself.

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