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Back from 14 miler

Rough run in the heat will post more detail after baseball game I am taking my kids to this afternoon.

Probably should have started earlier in the day, not run as much yesterday and put more water out on the course. 2 20 oz gatorades and  a marathon bar were not enough to sustain my energy throughout the run. Live and learn.

Could I have made more mistakes on and for this run. I became an example of “What not to do” in a Runner’s World article. My first mistake was not getting up at 7:00 and waiting until 8:00. In this heat that hour became a huge factor in bringing me down. 2nd I put the gatorade out on the course, but continued on to mentally mark a few milestones. This trek took an extra 20 minutes, which also contributed to the delay in start time. Plus 40 oz was not enough to sustain me on what ended up being 2 hours 55 minutes on the road for a 14 miler. Too long, too slow.

The 7 miler yesterday on a cooler day might have been fine, however I believe it added to my overall lack of energy. Two days in the heat were too much. Next week I plan on keeping my Saturday run to 5 miles and see what the results will be on the 16 mile Sunday. This week I will also cut the 2 a day workouts to only two instead of the three 2 a days last week.

The one success of the weekend was the lack of muscle soreness. I feel ready to take on this week and hit 50 miles for the week. Last week’s total was 45.


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